1. Do NOT program the incorrect product firmware in your product. This could lock the microprocessor for operations and destroy the hardware. Each products firmware starts with the product name to minimize mistakes. Most of the firmware do have hardware lockout protection but the Test Programs and the older products do not have this protection feature. So do take care on this action.
  2. Do NOT press the button at any time in the Programmer Software. This will erase the product ID Code rendering it useless. This product will then have to be reprogrammed by the manufacturer resulting in courier charges and time loss.
  3. Disconnect all the output harnesses from the product. The programmer will switch the outputs to the high state which means that coils and injectors will be switched on. This may damage the coil drivers or coils and fill the engine with fuel.
  4. Follow the Startup Procedure to make sure that the right firmware and settings is loaded into your product to prevent damage. Some agents may neglect or misunderstand you on your application. It is your responsibility to check for mistakes.
  5. After programming check the information screen to see if the right firmware is loaded. Note the program number and description.

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