Bootloader Recovery Instructions

The BootLoader may be corrupted should you lose power during downloading or maybe load a corrupted firmware file. In this case there will be no communications so the normal bootloader software or integrated software will not work. The BootLoader firmware is still loaded though. Below is a step by step instruction how to restart the device.

You will need the following 3 files that can be downloaded from our website under Downloads/Firmware Programmer/BootLoader/…

There is also a Bootloader Recovery Instructions and a Zip File of the above folders. This is useful if your downloader or antivirus program complains about the exe file.

Keep them together in a folder. You will also need to know on which comport the USB cable is situated. This can be seen under the Device manager of your PC. If you are not sure, you will have to try them all till you get the @@@ string in die downloader.

Open the enclosure of the Orion. Connect it with P1 connector and Comms connector with USB cable only. Leave the other connectors disconnected as it my switch outputs on during startup process. You need to verify the setup of the device before connecting the outputs.

Switch the Orion off. Now use a tweezer or small jumper wire and short the White and Blue pin lightly. Do not short any other points as you may damage the Orion. Then switch the power on to the Orion.

The Green LED will light up as long as the short is present. Release the short by taking the tweezer away.

Now run the Orion Recover.bat file.

It will now display a list of comports available which may be connected to the USB cable. It helps if you know which one. Otherwise try them one by one till you are successful. Type the comport number only ex 3 or 6 like below.

If you selected the right comport then this message will appear.

The “@” sign says the firmware download was a success. If it shows ???? then it is the wrong port. Close the program and start again with another port. You will have to short the pins again with the tweezer.

The unit will reset itself and the green led will turn on and off. You can use the normal BootLoader or integrated BootLoader to upload firmware. The firmware loaded in the Orion is only a start program. See the bootloader section in the manual.

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