Orion USB Debug Programming

Should it happen that the program really corrupted and the BootLoader was corrupted as well then the only way is to reprogram it with the Sillabs UDB Debug Adapter. New Orion’s are also programmed this way for the first time. As always connect only P1 and the Comms harness form the firmware programmer. Disconnect the output connectors to prevent them from switching coils and injectors randomly.

Note that Orion cannot be programmed on the front Comms port like older products. You will require this special cable below. It connects to the normal USB debug adapter.

Open the Orion enclosure. You will see the 3 holes marked with wire colours. Insert the 3 pins in them and hold it slightly as below to ensure contact on all three pins.

Now you can connect with the Sillabs software and Debug adapter.

For the recovery process you will require 2 HEX files. One to re install the BootLoader and one to load start-up firmware.

Load the following file first:

Now load the following file. No need to disconnect with the programmer. You can load them one after the other.
Orion ECU Combo 28 60-2 4Cyl Ver 3.5A 01_10_2018.HEX

The last file is not your correct firmware but only a file that will allow the software to connect to the device so that your bootloader works again.

Now follow the Firmware Programmer instructions as laid out in that chapter.

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