Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this unit a Plug-In replacement for my car’s standard computer?
    No the Spitronics products are unique with its own connecters and operation. Some of the signals can be interfaced with the standard units to maintain other functions like instruments etc.
  2. Which product will suit my application?
    It is easy to determine by the How to Choose and Comparison Chart topic further in this chapter. Read through all the points and narrow down which unit is suitable for your application.
  3. What do I get with the kit?
    All kits come with harnesses to connect onto existing engine or transmission connectors. It does not include the engine or transmission connecters as there are too many variations. You simply solder the harness onto your existing connecters. We do stock some of the connecters but will only quote them on enquiry. Then the ECU kits come with a 2.5 Bar Map sensor which may be changed on request to a different type. Note that dealers pack kits according to your requirements so it may not be the same as the basic kit setup in the main photo due to the variations in applications.
  4. What do I need to buy extra?
    Any sensors not included in the kit like Air & Water temperature sensor, Oxygen sensor etc. that is not on the engine or has to be replaced due to failure or service date expire. The USB communications cable is sold separately because you only need one as a tuning tool. It is a must-have component for the setup and tuning of the products. The Programmer is optional for Mercury2 to change the firmware or install upgrades afterwards. It is recommended for customers abroad were you are far from support. If you buy Level 1 harness you may need a fuse box and automotive wiring and some dress-up components like lugs etc.
  5. Is the unit Plug & Play
    No it is more like Wire & Play. Meaning that there is a certain amount of installation time soldering and wiring to be done before the unit can be switched on. Then you may need to tune it to your engines parameters due to minor variation differences between engines.
  6. Can I install and tune this unit successfully?
    These products were developed for the DIY market. But you do need a fair bit of knowledge and hand skills to complete this project. Most auto electrical people should be able to assist if you have difficulties. If you study the manual properly you should be able the get your engine reasonably drivable with fair consumption and performance.
  7. Does the unit need to be Dyno-Tuned after install?
    Some tuners found a way to tune it on the road quite successfully especially if there are no Dyno’s available. If you do have a facility and a recommended tuner it is advisable to have it tuned properly. Some units that is engine-specific may come with a tuned MAP on it for that engine. Then minor tuning is required and not necessary for a Dyno Tune. High performance racing and turbo engines is recommended for a dyno tune as they can brake easily under heavy load. Road tune also become problem some due to handling the power.
  8. Is the unit pre tuned?
    No but we do put a startup MAP on the unit. These units are universal for different engines and it cannot cater for all variations in sensor and driver setup like injector sizes, fuel pressure etc. in some units that is engine-specific we will load a tuned MAP on it for that type of engine. It should start and be drivable around 90%. But some fine setup will make it more efficient.
  9. Can this unit work for diesel engines?
    No Spitronics is busy to develop a Diesel version but it will only be finished in the near future.
  10. Can this unit work for direct injectors?
    No but it is under development with the Diesel development which will be finished in the near future.
  11. Can this unit work for Throttle by Wire systems?
    Throttle by wire is in the testing phase and sold using ECU software. Throttle by Wire software will follow soon.
  12. Is this a piggy back system?
    No this is a standalone computer and does not require any other electronic units apart from its own units and the sensors on the engine. But with clever connections and sharing of the OEM signals it can be used with the OEM ECU to add fuel or do some different tasks.
  13. Can this unit control my VVTI cams?
    It can control cams in open loop at this stage. Loop control is under development which will be finished in the near future.
  14. Does this unit do Knock sensing?
    No, knock sensing may be developed in the near future.
  15. Does this unit do self-tuning?
    No the units do have loop control with the oxygen sensor and idle valve, but all tuning is done in open loop and these systems will fine adjust in real time to optimize fuel mixtures. It is on development in the near future
  16. Can this unit be used for racing fuels?
    Yes, it does have two selection MAP’s to tune the engine for different fuels. These maps can be selected with a switch at startup. It can also run duel injectors with different fuels on the 2 injectors.
  17. Can these units interface to my vehicle’ ECU via the CAN BUS
    No, these devices do not have CAN BUS capability.

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