Transmission Information

Before you can set yourself or a customer up with a product, you need to get some critical information on the transmission. The hardware is designed as universal devices but the firmware is specific for a certain model of transmission. The following items influences the product.

1. Transmission Model Number: (e.g. 4 Speed 4L60E, 5 Speed 5HP24 or 4 Speed Jatco RE4R01A)
If you can’t get a model number, you may send photos of the case connectors or harness connector of that transmission so we may be able to identify it for you. Or you may browse through all our drawings and see if you can find a match there.

2. Stand Alone application or use with ECU application
This will select the type harness required.

3. Application details for setting up a Startup Map
This will help the customer to set up his TCU quickly. There is a Tyre calculator that helps to determine shift points.

Number of engine Cylinders
Max Speed
Idle RPM
Stall Speed
Tire Size – Width/Aspect/Rum
Diff Ratio

4. Does the installer know how to fit and Tune Spitronics Devices?
This point will indicate the level of support required by the customer and then ultimately the price to the customer.

Firmware File names

Now you can select the firmware. Below is a Typical firmware file name and the description of it. Notice that Mercury2 has HEX files and Orion has Firm files. This is due to Mercury2 that requires a programmer to load the files and Orion uses a boot loader which is imbedded in the Hyperspace software.

Mercury2 TCU Combo 1 Lexus A343E Ver 3.3D 16_09_2019.HEX
Orion TCU Combo 1 Lexus A343E Ver 3.3C 16_09_2019.Firm

Mercury2 / Orion – The firmware always starts with the product name and they cannot be mixed.
ECU / TCU / TxW – Description of the type of firmware.
Combo – The Class of the firmware. Combo means it will run on different hardware classes like Advance, Intermediate etc. but with limited features in the lower classes.
Lexus A343E – Transmission Model number
Ver 3.3D – Version number. Note that on the GP layout version numbers are important as they may differ in wiring layout.
Date – Indication of file age. Some fixes may only change the date so make sure you always use the latest versions on our Website.

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