TxW Selection

This firmware will take a normal RPM pulse, TPS and pedal signal and water temperature and control the electric throttle by wire. Note that the classes that are not used by the converter is not displayed to simplify the chart. If firmware is developed they will be added.

Orion Hardware BAS STD  
Hardware Inputs      
External Map Sensor      
Built In Map Sensor (optional)      
TPS Sensor 1 1  
Water 2K NTC or Tap-In   1  
Air 10K NTC or Tap-In      
Lambda Narrow or Wide Band      
Battery Volts 1 1  
Crank Trigger Pulse 1 1  
TDC/Home Pulse      
UART Comms Port 1 1  
USB/Programmer 3Pin PCB Con 1 1  
Bootloader 1 1  
Hardware Outputs      
Low Volt Negative Drivers 2 2  
Low Volt Positive Drivers 2 2  
High Volt Negative Coil Drivers   2  
General Purpose Input / Output   2  
Graph Tuning MAP 1 1  
Matrix Tuning MAP or TPS      
Altitude Compensation      
Idle Control   1  
Dual Maps 1 1  
Dual Injectors      
Split Sequential Injection      
Full Sequential Injection      
Fuel Pressure Control      
V-Tech /Vanos Cam Control 1 1  
Launch control      
Anti-Lag control      
Flat-Shift control      
RPM Calibration   1  
Can be Epoxy filed 1 1  

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